Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Eleven Commissions were constituted about the 1984 Sikh Riots. The general public and the people who were affected were asked to file affidavits. No affidavit was given against Mr. Jagdish Tytler, by anyone, in all the eleven commissions.

A twelfth commission was constituted named the Justice Nanavati Commission, in which two affidavits were filed.

There were two affidavits:
1. by Jasbir Singh; and
2. by S. Surender Singh.

Who is Jasbir Singh?

Can we rely on what Jasbir Singh says?

Complete story of Sardar Surender Singh

Surender Singh's last statement to the court

Surender Singh's last statement to the CBI

Surender Singh's last statement to the PM

About both the two so-called witnesses

Justice Nanavati says there is no clear evidence against Mr. Tytler

Why Mr. Tytler is being punished?

Jagdish Tytler is a very powerful and influential leader. A very close family friend of the Gandhi family. Shri Jagdish Tytler was a leader that was growing in stature everyday. Certainly a strong candidate for the Chief Ministership of Delhi. A true gentleman as clean as crystal. His image and personality made it difficult for the opposition, anti-social elements and others to point a finger at him.

Suddenly everything changed. The then Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her own body guards. Unfortunately, the body guards belonged to the Sikh community. The whole country was in tremendous sorrow and in a state of shock.

Another unimaginable incident followed -- riots against the Sikhs started throughout the country. Delhi was one of the worst affected states. The top leaders of India were in a state of shock due to the sudden demise of the head of the country. No one was sure of what to do and what not to do.

Fortunately, top leaders got hold of the situation and normalcy was brought back within a couple of days.

The loss was huge.

Thousands of Sikh people lost their lives.

However, a few people took it as an opportunity to damage the reputation of Mr. Tytler. They started spreading rumors that Mr. Tytler was involved, without any proofs.

Like the Sikhs, Mr. Tytler also became the worst hit person by the riots of 1984.

A group of people took this as an opportunity to damage this dynamic Sikh, Mr. Jagdish Tytler (belongs to a Kapoor family).

They started building up and concocting one of the biggest conspiracies of present day India.

But now the conspiracy has been foiled. The balloon has burst because of its own internal pressure!

(You will see all the original documents related to the 1984 riots, documents that are highly confidential and have never been published before)



  1. Mr. Tytler, You are born bastard and henceforth played dirty politics to roast your chestnuts by flattring Gandhi family. You are a taritor to nation and especially sikhs of whom you are born. The family of Gyani Surender sing ji is paida hefty amount by your efforts-Rs. Thirty Lacs. I was very much there.
    You, Sajjan (Durjan Cahmar, and Bhagat(The sinner) and the supermind Amitabh Bacchan are the mastermind of genocide of Sikhs in 1984. Remeber it and don't try to pose yourself as a saint. Your faces are black with sins. You shall have to amswer one day.
    Read and try to diffrentiate with another son of Sikh mother, whom you have abused, to whole your mother's family.
    Shame on you.

  2. Why are you giving false allegations without any proof. If you were there, then why don't you come up to the court? You are giving your personal opinion based on what has been concocted by politicians. My request is that kindly go through the whole document that I am about to publish and then decide.

    Regarding giving money to Gyani Surender Singhji, why didn't I gave him money the moment he gave affidavit against me? Why was I waiting for his last days? Was I waiting to see him on death bed and then offer him money? He gave his last statement when he him self knew that he is going to die. A religious person can never tell lies just before death. A religious person's conscience is greater then a temptation to money. A man about to die never thinks about money.

    My sincere request to all of you is that kindly read out all the documents and find the truth. Before that kindly keep your mind blank(forget what you have heard about me till date) and decide neutrally. You are the judge. I will respect your verdict.

  3. To be fair Jagdish ji has been cleared from all the charges and its the Cbi which gave him clean chit ... As he is a clean and honest person and has worked towards the development of the country .

    He is the leader that our country needs now too, i want him to come back to politics so we can see more of him and more of India's Development.

    Jai Hind

    Mohit Srivastava

  4. Good attempt , but this affidavits story cannot take away the truth... my relatives who died and the survivors in my family knows the truth , but they cannot come forward just because they know the capabilities of your Mr Jagdish tytler.

    Do some soul-search before justifying him...